Friday 6th of March 2015

By Asma Khalifa for the Global Alliance for Peace in Libya

Libyan armed groups in Derna pledged alliances to ISIS in 2014, followed later by several other cities. Today Libya faces not only security challenges with the insurgency but also economical issues, Libya’s state-run oil corporation has declared 11 oil fields in the country non-operational after attacks by suspected Islamic State militants, opting for a force majeure clause that exempts the state from contractual obligations.

The country is already facing a difficult financial situation, today and according to the cultural attaché for the Libyan Embassy in Tunisia, Dr Hisham Abushala, teachers have not received salaries from the Libyan government since October, because the antigovernment of Omer Al-Hassi has occupied the ministries in Tripoli and is refusing to recognize the schools and disburse any funding.

To fight IS a delegation from the Al Thni government met with the Jordanian counter parts and discussed countering terrorism.  The Thini government has also now submitted a request to the UN’s Libya sanctions committee for an embargo exemption so that it can import armaments and aircraft to fight the terrorists. The list includes 14 MiG fighter planes; seven helicopter gunships, 150 tanks, 150-armed personnel carriers, 10,000 grenade launchers, plus mortars and ammunition.

In the meantime, UNSMIL extends their mandate until March 31st due to the “ current circumstances”.

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Written by Bjørn Ihler

Bjørn Magnus Jacobsen Ihler (born June 30, 1991) is an activist, writer and filmmaker working against the ideology of racism, hatred and violent extremism. His work is influenced by his experiences as a survivor of the attack on Utøya Island in Norway on 22/7/2011; however political activism and work against...
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